Aspiring Spike discovers combo that generates infinite Dove Mens+ Care Shampoo

Well-known MTG combo brewer Aspiring Spike has found a four-piece combo that generates infinite Dove Shampoo for the user.

While grocery shopping this weekend, Aspiring Spike discovered a four-piece combo that grants the user infinite 5 oz. trial-sized Dove Mens+ Care 3-in-1 shampoo.

It started when Spike was in the snack aisle and noticed a store promotion for buy-one-get-one Doritos, bringing the price per bag down to $1.95. Paired with the current Doritos promotion for a coupon for a six-pack of Diet Pepsi in each bag, he quickly realized that he could get twelve bottles of Diet Pepsi for $1.95 – each of which has a $2 Robux code on the inside label. 

With $2 Robux codes retailing for $1.90 online, Spike almost dropped the combo there. Fortunately, he found a code-trading website where he could cash in the $2 Robux codes in an even trade for Dove Mens+ Care 3-in-1 Shampoo 5 oz. trial-sized manufacturers’ sample coupons, rounding out the combo. 

Spike approached the register with 40 bags of Doritos, 80 six-packs of Diet Pepsi and 480 5 oz. trial-sized Dove Mens+ Care 3-in-1 shampoo bottles and demonstrated the loop to the cashier, who called his L1 district manager. 

“It’s legal,” the manager ruled after asking Spike to again demonstrate the loop in her presence. “Due to a rules change in 2014 (see rule 613), continuous effects from coupons are applied in Active Player Non-Active Player Order and abide by the layers system, which means that so long as the Pepsi is scanned at the register first, any subsequent Doritos scans will effectively cancel out and become free.”

“You got it,” said the cashier, who conceded.

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