Dreamhack San Diego Meta Report

Ben "ILOVEAZORIUS" breaks down the metagame and top-performing Standard decks from the Dreamhack San Diego Regional Championship.

The decks that were registered for this event were fairly similar to the ones we have seen performing well on Magic Online and Magic Arena in recent weeks. The most popular choices for the event were Esper Legends, Rakdos Midrange, and Mono-White Midrange, though it is hard to get an accurate accounting of the exact numbers due to the way that people are allowed to name their archetypes in MTGMelee. Look at this “colorless werewolves” deck for instance.

Regardless, the top-performing decks of the day were Esper Raffine (split into “Esper Aggro” with a 52.94% win rate and “Esper Legends” with a 51.81% winrate) Rakdos Midrange with a 52.17% win rate, and Azorius Soldiers with a 51.26% win rate. The worst-performing decks were Grixis Reanimator with a 38.10% winrate and Jund Midrange with a 38.80% winrate.

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