Every Magic Content Creator Publishes Same Content on Same Day

While under the impression they were being original, it turns out every Magic content creator released the same Holiday Promo tier list on the same day.

It happened again.

What seemed like a normal Tuesday has devolved into complete chaos, as every Magic: the Gathering content creator has posted a tier list ranking all of the Magic Holiday Promo cards.

Beeble staff has reached out to several of these content creators, who have each confirmed that no collusion occurred in this.

“I can’t believe this happened,” said Mark Schafer from CardCrud.com. “We thought we’d be on top of holiday promo tier list, but who would have thought we weren’t the only ones who knew that the holiday season was here.”

As this was being written, seventeen more websites and Youtube channels have posted their Holiday Promo Card tier list, including GQ and Teen Vogue.

Oh god

Oh god no. It’s happening here.

I can’t… Fight it… Anym…

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