Explorer Anthology 2

rose-emoji covers the newest additions to Explorer following a reveal and an Arena Cube Spoiler


The second Explorer Anthology will be released on December 13, and will cost 4,000 gems (about $25) or 25,000 gold for a full playset of each card in the Anthology.

Wizards of the Coast held a stream today revealing some of the cards that would be included, but this came a day after players got their hands on the upcoming Arena Cube list, which included Pioneer-legal cards that are not available on Arena yet.

Of the cards “spoiled” by the Arena Cube list, Reflector Mage and Mutavault were confirmed by the reveals.

New Reveals

Thought-Knot Seer

With the recent addition of all of the pain lands and the addition of Mutavault and Wastes in Explorer Anthology 2, colorless mana is going to be rather easy to come by, and I could see TKS seeing play in a few mono-color decks.

When choosing this card for the Anthology, Ian Adams said they were looking for cards that represented the history and breadth of the format, even if they weren’t seeing a ton of play in the top meta decks.

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