Explorer Tier List Update – August 25, 2022

An explanation of the movements and placements in this week’s Explorer tier list.

The Best-Of-Three Explorer Tier List

The Best-Of-One Explorer Tier List


Tier 0

Rakdos Midrange (Stable) – Rakdos is maintaining a 60% winrate and nearly double the playrate of most other decks in the format, Azorious Control excepting.

S Tier

Azorius Control (Stable) – Azorius Control continues to make gains on

Rakdos, and we could see Control pull Rakdos into S Tier as soon as next week.

A Tier

Mono-Blue Spirits (Down from S Tier) – An impressive 62% win-rate, but Mono-Blue Spirits have less than half the amount of games played compared to Azorius Control. This deck sees a lot of play, but Azorius Control and Rakdos Midrange are really just in a different category. This shift down is less about Spirits, and more about the success of the other two decks.

Rakdos Sacrifice (Stable) – With very similar results to Mono-Blue spirits this week, Rakdos sacrifice is slowly solidifying itself as the sacrifice archetype of choice over Jund.

B Tier

Green Stompy (Stable) – Not seeing the numbers we’d expect in games played. Though, a strong win-rate keeps this deck a good consideration for competitive play.

Jund Sacrifice (Down) – Though it bolsters an impressive 64% winrate, the amount of people on Jund Sacrifice continues to dwindle this week. We just aren’t seeing enough games played to justify a higher placement when compared to the decks in A Tier and above.

Humans (Down from A Tier) – Significant downtick in win-rate this week at 57%, Humans has less games played than all decks above it and the weakest win-rate.

Green Devotion (Stable)

Mardu Greasefang (Stable)

C Tier

Abzan Greasefang (Down) – Mardu Greasefang is showing the more consistent win-rate this week when comparing the two Wedge Greasefang lists. Similar number of games played, though Abzan Greasefang has a 2.5% less win-rate. It’s close, but Abzan is just edged out this week by Mardu.

D Tier

Fight Rigging (Down) – Though boasting an impressive 64% winrate, Fight Rigging has seen little play over the last two weeks. We don’t have enough data to justify a higher tier this week.

Selesnya Angels (Down) – One of the weakest winrates in Bo3 “top decks” at 55% and few few pilots taking it into the best-of-three ladder. If you’re queuing Angels, Bo1 might be what you’re looking for


We are currently happy with the current placings of all the decks in Best of One and see no reason to change it for this week at this time.

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