Explorer Tier List Update – June 2, 2022

A breakdown of the changes to this week's Explorer Bo3 and Bo1 tier lists





Rakdos Midrange (Stable) – Also moving up to S Tier on the Pioneer side, Rakdos midrange remains the most-played deck in best-of-three and kept up a solid winrate throughout. 


Mono-Red Aggro (Stable) – Taking advantage of some of the greedier decks looking to beat up on Rakdos Midrange, Mono-Red remains the “fun police” of the format, keeping up an >60% winrate since the launch of Explorer

RB Anvil  (Stable) – You know the drill… cook the cat, repeat. RB Anvil is still in a good place in Explorer because the sideboard leaves you so many good options in the meta right now while maintaining its attack-from-anywhere style of play. Good finishes and win percentages this week keep it a strong and stable deck choice.

Mono Blue Spirits (Stable) – Holding up one of the highest winrates on the tier list, spirits remains in A Tier this week solely on account of its lower playrate.


UW Control (Up) – As any format stabilizes and becomes more developed, we often see that control decks rise in popularity and success. UW control is seeing a lot more play this week and it’s win percentage is also on the rise now that it knows what the format is doing better.

Mardu Greasefang (Down) – Unfortunately, similarly to the Control argument above, combo-y decks usually falter and lose popularity as weeks progress. Greasefang is on the rise in Bo1, but in Bo3 it’s being hated out too easily in Games 2 and 3.

Izzet Phoenix (Stable) – Right where it’s been for another week. Good amount of people still on Phoenix with a consistent win percentage. 


Jund Food (Down) – Jund Food remains to be an elusive predator that none of our competitive guides are seeing in Mythic. That said, our data pulls from Platinum an above and we are seeing a regular play pattern from this deck still. Unfortunately, those numbers have dwindled this week both in win percentage and games played. For those reasons, Jund Food is on a downward trend this week.

Agent (Down) – Agent is another combo-y deck that is sadly on the downward trend. As the format continues to level out, we are seeing more answers and perfected sideboards that give Agent decks trouble. Furthermore, week over week, it’s win percentage is down.


GW Angels  (Down) – GW Angels is a very strong deck that sometimes just struggles to get the right draws. Unfortunately, with the dominant force that is RB Midrange doing so well right now in the format, Angels is just struggling to find its wins G2 and G3. It just isn’t putting up the numbers it did last week, and we think that is why.



Mono-Red Aggro (Stable) – Contunies to be the most consistent and non-combo way to win on turn 4 in Explorer 

Mardu Greasefang (Up) – Greasefang saw a bit of a uptick this week but while it won’t be as common as Mono-red its certainly the deck that is only most peoples mind when they consider BO1

Angels (Up) – Angels has finally ground its way up to the top of the meta buy eating the meta of Mono-red and creating bodies to shut down the Greasefang varients


Esper Greasefang (Stable) – While still having fast starts it falls behind the mardu variant due to its lack of a back up plan

Mono-blue Tempo (Up) – While everyone else is going all in and aiming to kill fast mono blue aims to push them down and stop any plans they even aim to set up. 


UW Control (Up) – Control saw a bit of an uptick this week and it looks to be a sign that people are finding the list to start attacking the meta

RB Anvil (Down) – The raising of angels has made the plan of gumming up the board with 1/1 tokens and pinging a much worse strategy in the current meta game. we would not be surprised to see this drop continue if Angels stay common. 


Rakdos Midrange (Up) – It saw a sharp uptick in play this week but doesn’t preform as well as it does in BO3

Dimir Rogues (Stable) – Simular to U-Tempos plan of threats and interaction to stop the all in decks but its has a bit worse of a assortment of counterspells without Geistlight Snare

Gruul Aggro (Down) – Gruul moves down again as the current versions preform similar to worse versions of Mono-Red

Wx Soulsisters (Up) – Simular to why Angels is good in S this list is aiming to attack the mono red menuce and while the play percentage was low for its first week we can see it gaining traction fast if it proves itself equal or better then Angels


Esper Control (Up) – Esper has started to creep up in play rate that seems to be off the back of Vanishing Verse and Void Rend to answer the quick starts from mono red, Angels, and Greasefang and we are looking forward to seeing if this sticks. 

GBx Fight Rigging (Up) – While the Jund version is the current version there has been some more uptick of a GB Obosh version that could overtake it in the coming weeks. 

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