Explorer Tier List Update – June 9, 2022

A breakdown of the changes to this week's Explorer Bo3 and Bo1 tier lists




BO1 only had one notable change this week in the rise of Gruul Aggro to B Tier due to increased play rate. Overall Bo1 seems like it will not be affected Expressive Iteration ban that happened on Tuesday.



Mono-U Spirits (Down from A): While the play rate stayed about the same as last week it lost nearly a percent in win rate over the last week. If this is due to new people playing the deck or to people adjusting to fight the deck on some levels we are not 100%. 

GWx Humans (Up from C): An increased play rate while keeping a high win rate in the low 60%s has been forcing this deck slowly up the tiers as this tear continues.


UW Control (Down from B): Similarly to Mono-U Spirits while the play rate stayed mostly the same but the win rate fell over the last week harshly. Although in light of the Expressive Iteration ban that happened on Tuesday, We believe there is a good chance of that being corrected over this next week due to the lower power level of Expressive Iteration shells 


UR Phoenix (Down from C): This archetype took a big hit and the team wasn’t sure on if it would have the staying power in the format with the ban of Expressive Iteration. We would hazard you not to be surprised to see this deck move up or completely off the tier list depending on its results over the next week. 

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