Extra Life Charity Stream Tonight to Feature MTG Wrestling

Friends of PlayingPioneer, the Crew3 Podcast, is hosting an Extra Life charity stream all day today, culminating in some good ol' fashioned MTG wrestling.

Ladder Match For Custody of Ajani

As part of an annual charity event, the Crew3Podcast (of which all three members are also on the PlayingPioneer Team) will kick off a stream at 11am US Eastern Standard Time, which will culminate in the annual WWE wrestling match between Pioneer favorites like Greasefang, Chandra, Sorin and Karn at around 8pm US Eastern Standard Time.

The Stream

These events have always been a blast, as the Crew3 Podcast hosts put in a good deal of effort creating the characters and lining up the matchups and provide color commentary over the matches.

Before the night’s wrestling event, the crew will stream their Pioneer Progression Series, where they play Pioneer from the very beginning, one set at a time. Then jam some of the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, then Pokemon Nuzlocke, and some MTG trivia.

Extra Life

Of course, being a charity event for ExtraLife, all proceeds benefit local children’s hospitals, for which the crew has raised more than $1,200 for over time. Now more than ever, children’s hospitals are in dire need of resources, as the recent surge of respiratory viruses has pediatric beds in many states at 100% capacity.

For each $5 you donate through this event, you will be entered in an MTG giveaway, so make sure you stop by and check it out any time today and into tonight.

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