Jan. 3 Tier List Update

A quick note on how we made our tier list this week with no MTGO results data

A note from the Publisher:
So what’s going on with the Tier List this week?

Well, as many who follow the data may be well aware already, we have been in a brief period without MTGO results. Because of the holiday, the lovely folks at Daybreak have shut down results posting for about 2 weeks.

Fortunately, there’s hope and they have said that they will be resolving this shortly. We had a joke prepared, but honestly Daybreak has done such a better job handling MTGO than WotC ever could that we’re not going to give them any flack.

(Not saying that WotC is bad or anything I swear please give us a spoiler card)

That said, we still needed to put out a Tier List update this week. So instead of being wholly data centered, we decided to lean into our competitive team to put their opinions and experiences in the trenches over the holiday season into the list you see here. Think of this week as more of a “New Year’s Baseline” than something based wholly in science. We haven’t seen an incredible amount of variance or adaptation happen in the past two weeks, and given what few results we do have access to (Thanks to Fireshoes on Twitter for those) this is where we feel each deck best sits as we move into the week.

As soon as we get our data back, we’ll be back to our typical methodology, but in the name of transparency we thought it’d be best to explain how we’re doing things this week since it was a bit of a different approach to how we normally operate. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and for constantly pushing us to be our best.


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