Letter to the Editor: I Leaked a Spoiler and WOTC Sent Me Photo of Gun

Olad Skul writes into the Beeble detailing his account of being sent a photo of a gun after leaking a photo of a spoiler.

My friend works at a warehouse in Washington State, and when he happened across an accidentally-opened box of unreleased Magic: The Gathering cards, he – knowing I am a huge fan of the card game – snapped a photo and sent it to me.

Because of the hurried nature of the photo opportunity and the barely-exposed Magic card mostly obscured by cardboard, this is what I ended up receiving from my friend:

I posted the image on my Twitter, which has 17 followers, with the caption “SPOILER ALERT! Looks like a two-mana artifact! What do you think it does? #NEWCAPENNA

Just two days later, I received a strange DM from a verified member of WOTC staff.

I feel like this is, like, clearly a gun, right? Partially obscured by cardboard like my spoiler image was? I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m getting bad vibes from this message.

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