The Scuffle System

Is a system for evaluating cards designed to help you improve at drafting!

Every card in the set is rated from 1-10, updated weekly:

1: Unplayable-never play this card

2: Weak-Try not to play this card

3: Filler- Good enough in a role

4: Replaceable – Plays fine, but can be Upgraded

5: Strong- Usually Makes the Deck

6: Very Strong – Always makes the deck

7: Work to play this

8: A reason to play this archetype

9: Always play this card

10: Wins the game

If you’re short on time or getting into the format, simply use the first rating to help you pick your cards.

Once you’ve got some experience, use the other values to help you make your decisions!

Every card is also given values for it’s:

1)Floor: The worst a card will be in your draft

2)Ceiling: The best a card will be in your draft

3)Difficulty: The amount of effort required to reach the ceiling

You want to get each card to its highest possible value- It’s ceiling. As you draft, practice creating paths through your draft, deckbuilding, and gameplay to maximize the value of each card.

Updated Every Friday