magic is getting too woke now

Dan Keeg writes into The Beeble to lament that Magic is too woke now, because his imprisoned cousin Tyler told him that.

It used to be cool

magic the gethering is too woke now. i know this because my cousin tyler told me and he has been playing magic the gathering for a long time. he said the characters and art and story used to be cool and now it’s all politically correct and boring and i agree now.

i also think magic and politics should stay far apart from each other for two reasons: one, because it’s just a fricking fantasy game and two, because Tyler told me that. 

i used to love playing magic with my cousin tyler and now we can’t even enjoy it anymore for two reasons: one, because it’s too woke and political now and two, because Tyler is in jail for assaulting a capitol police officer with bear mace on January 6 and having a gun in his car and now i only get to talk to him on the phone.

if this downhill spiral continues, who knows what this game will look like when Tyler gets out in 3-5 years on good behavior? we might never get to truly enjoy the game we loved together ever again.


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