Over the Horizon: Week Four

TyrantofTales dives once again into the deep end of what spicy decks posted good results in Explorer this week.


These lists have not had any proven results or the win rates/play rates from which to draw any meaningful conclusions. If you decide to craft/purchase any of these lists, please do so at your own risk. These are mostly just to show off the cool brews that the community as a whole are working on.



  • TyrantofTales

    Distribution Manager

    Tyrant has been playing Magic in events since his first prerelease in Ixalan. Most of the time, he can be found in the various Pioneer Discord channels talking about anything Pioneer, from various meta decks to whatever new combo deck he has brewed up. When not playing Magic, he is getting cards in his collection signed by their artists or producing the occasional video for his YouTube channel.

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