PETA Protests Outside Magic Game Store After Hearing Rumors of a “Cat Oven”

After catching wind of the existence of a contraption called a "Cat Oven", the animal rights group PETA has organized a protest outside of a Wisconsin Game Store.

Animal rights organization PETA has gathered to protest in front of a Magic: The Gathering-focused game store in Wisconsin after a member of the organization was in the store purchasing Everdell and overheard Magic players talking about “bolting birds” and a contraption known colloquially as a “cat oven”.

“I heard them myself,” the anonymous whistleblower told The Beeble. “One player said he was going to put the cat in the oven. A few minutes later, he said he would do it two more times. It was horrifying.”

“There was a group of four players at one table laughing about one of them putting infinite cats through a single oven.”

Anonymous Whistleblower

The animal rights organization says they have reason to believe the talk about “bolting birds” refers to a few players’ evening plans to hunt pheasant with bolt-action rifles – a practice PETA says is “barbaric and wildly unnecessary”.

PETA’s website details humane pheasant hunting practices, which outline that “a simple shock will suffice in all cases”.

“We will not leave this game store until the horrific torture device described by the players here is investigated and destroyed,” a PETA organizer said through a megaphone this morning. “Cat Ovens should absolutely be banned in any space in which they are legal.”

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