The PlayX Team


Sam has been playing Magic: The Gathering for more than ten years, and has been creating content for multiple games for just as long. Sam streams Magic – mainly Pioneer – every weekday on Twitch, and uploads content to YouTube on a regular basis. Sometimes, you can catch him streaming Minecraft.

Jesse, mostly known as KarnageKards, streams Magic: The Gathering weekly and can be found at most Canadian paper tournaments. He focuses mostly on Pioneer and Standard. He is a devout Dallas Cowboys fan and a huge fan of Marvel/DC and most things superhero-related. He can be found streaming other things from time to time, like Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy football drafts.

Played semi-pro and collegiate lacrosse
Can not watch scary movies
Huge Robert Pattinson fan


rose-emoji plays card games, auto-battlers, survival games, JRPGs and casual cozy games, focusing mostly on Magic: The Gathering and Legends of Runeterra.

Favorite Magic Card: Delver of Secrets
Plays Flamenco Guitar
Has never won a fistfight

Darren, otherwise known as ServoToken, is a self-described casual spike in all spheres of the gaming world. Creativity is his passion, and playing games within a constraint or stipulation helps to scratch that itch. He’s typically found trying to make cheap cards good in various TCGs from Magic to Yugioh, but can also be found relaxing with some Minecraft or early-gen Pokemon.

Mains Pit in Smash Bros
Completed a blind playthrough of Pokemon Blue
Is a certified Chipotle Connoisseur