Things to Do In Philadelphia After You Scrub Out of Every Event

The Beebles News Team, in partnership with the Northern Philadelphia Greater Area Chamber of Commerce, shares five things to do in Philly while you wait for your friends to scrub out too.

It’s Okay, Really

So, you traveled to Philadelphia with high hopes and proceeded to scrub out of every event that MagicCon had to offer. Hey, it happens. Luckily, there is plenty to do in the area around the Convention Center where you left your hopes, dreams, and money. Thanks to some help from the Northern Philadelphia Greater Area Chamber of Commerce, we’ve put together a list of exciting things to do while you wait for your friends to scrub out too.

1. Gaze Upon The Bell

You’ve heard about the Philadelphia Bell. It’s the big one. It is time that you gaze upon it. There is a reason it is in the history books. We think it’s because it’s either the biggest bell ever made or it’s the most broken bell to ever have a shrine built around it. Either way, this may be your only chance to gaze upon it, and you must do so before continuing on.

2. Pretend to Run Up The Big Stairs from Rocky

The big stairs from Rocky are in Philadelphia, we have been informed. The play is to go on them – like, to the fifth one or so – and take a picture.

3. Eat at Tom’s Dim Sum

After you’ve taken your fake Rocky selfie, head over to Tom’s Dim Sum for some quality Chinese food. It’s right across the street from the Hilton Inn. Tom’s Dim Sum has an terrific menu, reasonable prices, and the option to sit in or take out. It’s a pretty expansive menu, with several options for customization. Spend whatever you can here, because you’re probably not going to have your wallet for very long anyway.

4. Give Your Wallet to the Nice Man With a Knife

He has a knife, and he wants your wallet. He is holding the knife out and asking for your wallet, but this is not a trade proposition. You will not receive a knife in return for your wallet, but you should probably just give it to him. There’s nothing really in it anyway.

5. Skillfully Dodge All of the Double-Parked, One-Way Streets

Either you are in hell or you Lyft driver is in hell, but either way, this place is hell. But! You are already here – by choice, even – and the Northern Philadelphia Greater Area Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want us to highlight this nightmare too much. So, we suggest walking whenever possible. 

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