This article is about Angrath.

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With whips and chains, he dominates lands and hearts. Restless and free, but placid and caged all the same.

He towers over me. His body like a furnace, exuding heat in magnitudes I could not have conceived until this moment. It is impossible to describe here. I am terrified. humbled. brought to tears at the sight. 

His chains nearly melting in the flames that consume them. He is dragging them across the earth, leaving scorch marks in a trail behind him. The dirt and burnt-tipped grass cry out to me. They tell me I am next. 

I am ready.

He towers over me, closer now. A consuming presence that I can’t fathom. The cavern in my chest where my heart once was is engulfed in a searing feeling that resembles pain, but somehow is not. My heart is in my stomach now, as if leaving room for the flame. I am ready.


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