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The PlayingStandard Team welcomes you to PlayX Network's new website and talks about what brought them (back) to Standard.

From the Editor-In-Chief, Ruckman

Hello Standard enthusiasts! 

Welcome to PlayingStandard, a new format foray from the PlayX Network. For those of you who are joining us from our other PlayX Network sites PlayingPioneer and PlayingExplorer, things will look very similar to what we’ve been cooking up over there. For those who are visiting one of our sites for the first time, here’s a bit of a run down for what you can come to expect. Right off the bat we have our weekly tier list system which combines data streams from both MTG Arena and MTGO as well as input from our team of Competitive Guides. These players have a proven track record of success at higher levels of competition and are no stranger to having their name show up in event reports. I’m pleased to announce that joining us for PlayingStandard we have renown MTGO grinder Cabezadebolo joining our team and will be working alongside our Competitive Guides Team Lead KarnageKards to bring exciting competitive focused content as well as plenty of insight to our weekly tier list updates. Of course those aren’t our only team members as we’ll also be receiving wonderful contributions from current PlayX Network members like Rose-Emoji, Tyler “BiRDxCORe” Hilton, ServoToken, Anthony Dolce, and plenty of other faces you’ve come to expect making exciting content week-in and week-out. I invite everyone to take a look around and check-out the great content we’re launching with today, and of course remind you to keep checking back in and seeing what we’ve got coming down the pipeline. You won’t want to miss it. Oh, and be sure to let us know what kind of content you’d like to see as we get things moving!

See you on the Arena Ladder,


From the Standard Team


Hello everyone! My name is BiRDxC0Re and I am so looking forward to getting back into Standard with you all! If you are like me, you love everything that Standard brings to Magic! The lower power-levels, the brew-friendly metas, and the commitment to a rotation that guarantees to keep your games fresh! Oh and let’s not forget the newer players that Standard consistently brings into your local FNMs for you to teach, cherish and get free wins off of every week (lol).

I haven’t played Standard regularly since the Kaladesh block, when Standard got too “weird” for me and I took a break from the game altogether. Returning about a year later and favoring formats where “I knew the cards” like Modern and Pioneer – Standard was put on the backburner for me. But let me just say that the Standard I know and love is back, baby! Liliana of the freaking Veil is here guys and gals, and it’s just like Innistrad Standard all over again – hell! We even got Innistrad! I am so happy to be launching this website with my team, and promise that this passion project is coming from a team that loves the format and the game (just like we do Pioneer, Modern and Explorer)! Above all, our goals and objectives remain the same as it is with all our PlayX Network websites – provide helpful, quality content, and to stay connected with our community! With that, I invite you to please feel free to join our Patreon Discord by subscribing to any tier of our Patreon, and come and talk with us on a daily basis! We’d love to hear what’s on your mind! I hope to speak with you someday soon or to battle with you in the Arena! Until then, however, welcome and regards.

Tyler Hilton / BiRDxC0Re, PlayX Editor


Good morning all, and welcome to our newest endeavor here at the PlayX Network, PlayingStandard.com! The team here is looking forward to serving you in this new realm as we expand our reach and explore the possibilities that the standard format presents. 

Just like the format itself, we as players are ever changing. We grow and discover and learn to enjoy new things as we take on the challenges on our road to achieving our goals. For some of us, that goal is Pro Tour glory, and we’re chasing the high of the competition while looking to improve our game. For others of us, we want to take it casual and kill some hours grinding for gems for that sweet new sleeve bundle. Regardless of where you’re at, the PlayX Network wants to meet you there. That, combined with the ever-growing passion of our team members and contributors, is what brings us here to you today as we begin our journey into uncharted realms. We hope to provide the tools and resources that you’ll need to get to where youwant to be, while also providing some quality entertainment along the way. We hope that you enjoy, and we thank you for your unyielding support as always. Until the next one.

Darren M. / ServoToken, PlayX Operations Manager


Hey everyone! Welcome to our newest venture! PlayingStandard.com is being added to the PlayXNetwork, and I am beyond excited to be a part of this exciting opportunity. Standard has recently seen a rotation that has refreshed the format. For the first time in a long time, Standard feels right again. Wizards of the Coast recently announced that Standard would be Season two’s Pro Tour format, there isn’t a better time to jump back in. 

I personally will be heavily involved in the format going forward. I would even admit that it is currently my favourite format, and I want to share my knowledge with everyone. I will be working on bringing you as much content as I can, from a weekly tier list to streaming Standard challenges/showcases, recording leagues and so much more. We appreciate all the support of the community and hope this exceeds your expectations. I look forward to talking with everyone soon! 

Jesse/KarnageKardsENT, Average MTGO Grinder

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