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rose-emoji welcomes everyone to PlayingMTG, our new website that combines all of our existing (and future) MTG websites into one.


We’ve just completed a very involved project to merge all of our website into one website, and we’re excited to announce PlayingMTG.com!

Visitors have been suggesting that we do this for awhile, and we were hesitant because we didn’t want to lose our very format-specific focus and feel. After spending some time wrapping our brains around it, we determined that this could be done without sacrificing that format-specific feel.

When you are navigating the site, the menu on both mobile and desktop will change to represent the menu for that format. So, if you go to the Pioneer section of the website or are reading a Pioneer article, for example, the menu and top of the page will basically emulate being on PlayingPioneer.com!

All links, bookmarks and URLs will continue working for about a year from today, so if you continue typing in http://www.playingpioneer.com, you will be brought directly to the Pioneer section of the website, and everything should feel about the same.

This change will save our backend team a significant amount of time and headache, and allow us to spend more time working on less tedious things like creating content!

I invite you to look around, and let us know if you see any issues!

(This is also the debut of our shop, where you can purchase coaching sessions, custom sideboard guides and, currently, sick beanies. Patrons will get a coupon code, so wait up if you’re a supporter.)

As always, thank you so much for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this new step in our journey to bring you the best MTG content we can.

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