We’ve Opened Our Discord Server!

PlayingMTG has opened our previously Patron-only Discord Server! Invite inside.

Hi everyone! After much thought, PlayingMTG has decided to open up our previously Patron-only Discord server!

While we will maintain several channels only available to our Patreon supporters (tier list early access and discussion, polls to determine content and website direction, deck and sideboard help channels and advice for content creators), all of our format discussion channels, brewing channels, website feedback and help channels will be open to all.

We look forward to talking Magic with you and having a place where we can have conversations about our content and tier lists that are more immediate and personal than comments on Reddit posts or talking on Twitter.

See you soon,

The PlayingMTG Team

  • rose-emoji

    Network Administrator/Publisher

    rose-emoji started playing Magic: The Gathering during Battle for Zendikar, then took a break from the game until Throne of Eldraine. Pioneer got him back into Magic full-force, and the launch of Arena on mobile hooked him in forever. Now that his favorite format is working its way onto Arena, he can be found grinding the format to death. Only ever Grixis colors, but sometimes he can have a little Jund as a treat.

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