Wizards Unveils Phyrexia: All With Be One by Compleating 198 Employees on Live Stream

Blood Ritual

Wizards of the Coast created quite the stir this week on Magic Twitter, unveiling the new Phyrexia: All Will Be One set by compleating more than 150 Wizards employees in the parking lot of their Renton, Washington headquarters during their WeeklyMTG Twitch live stream.

The Beeble had press access to the event, and believes the performance came as a surprise not only to the live stream audience, but to the employees who were standing in a single-file line in the parking lot.

Exclusive Interview

“It hurts a lot, but not as much as I expected,” said Trent McAllister in an exclusive Beeble interview.

As the final employee’s organic matter was replaced with machine, at last achieving perfection, Wizards released a statement.

“We hope everyone enjoys the new set! Get out there and have some fun!”

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