Biweekly Tier List

This list was developed by analyzing the data from the previous two weeks of Modern events. Ranking begins with rate of appearance, then is modified based on performance, then modified further with the input of competitive players. Decks can change tier ranking frequently and for many reasons.

Updates are made every other Friday morning US Time.


S Tier: Decks in this tier are the most heavily played and format dominant. These decks are the core that the rest of the meta revolves around. Players should be prepared to face these decks multiple times throughout a given event.

A Tier: Decks in this tier are on generally on the same power level as those above it, and consistently post top results at events. However, due to certain factors like deck population or weakness in a key matchup they are not as format dominant.

B Tier: Decks in this tier are proven performers with strong finishes that will reward good player skill/dedicated play. However, they generally lack a certain level of power/consistency to take them to the winners podium on a regular basis.

C Tier: Decks in this tier are on an average power level for the format, or are heavily underrepresented. Like our B-tier these decks can reward dedication to the archetype, but they will require a more concerted effort. Players should be aware of these decks, but not over-tune for these matchups.

D Tier: Decks in this tier will find the current meta hostile to their overall game plan. These decks can find success in the right environment, but the winner’s podium will be few and far between.